Open Meeting Oct 4th 7:30pm Legends Lounge

Venue now changed to Legends Lounge

Central Branch are delighted to have both Pompey Head Coach Danny Cowley, and CEO Andrew Cullen as guests for our first open meeting of the season.
Its great to once again be able to hold our meetings at Fratton Park, I’m sure it will be a very informative and enjoyable evening with lots of football and club related questions, we look forward to seeing you all again.

Please bring your Membership cards with you to assist with entry.
(if you haven’t yet received your card please contact Kev Ryan 07729 494985, or email

Roy GregoryOpen Meeting Oct 4th 7:30pm Legends Lounge
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September Open Meeting moved to Mon Oct 4th

September meeting has been moved to 4th Oct due to Plymouth game on Tues 21st Sept.

We will send out another Newsletter once guest confirmed.

Central Branch are delighted to once again be able to hold meetings at Fratton Park, and look forward to seeing you all again.

Roy GregorySeptember Open Meeting moved to Mon Oct 4th
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Message from Christian Burgess

Hi Kev,

Sorry it’s a bit delayed. I did mean to sort everything out when I got out to Belgium as it was a rush when I left. Then things were hectic and your letter got misplaced but I found it the other day so thought I’d send the photo I took when I received the central branch’s award.

Thanks very much for the award, it really does mean a lot and so did your letter, I loved my time at Portsmouth, the club and the city, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Best of luck for this season, it’s looking promising.

Kind regards,


Roy GregoryMessage from Christian Burgess
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RIP Basher Benfield

Basher Benfield epitomised what it means to be a Pompey fan. Stubborn yet selfless with a witty sense of humour, he was a pillar of our football community. He was truly committed to the club following the boys in blue all over the world and working alongside the Supporters Club and the DSA to ensure fans voices were heard. Like his beloved Pompey, Basher was a fighter, always dignified and never gave up even in times of pain and adversity. The loss is immense, not just for myself having lost a loyal friend but for Pompey, having lost a true blue and an integral member of our football family that will never be replaced

Please see link below if you wish to donate.

Roy GregoryRIP Basher Benfield
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